We are accepting applications for the Fall, 2021 cohort.

Training Location:
ACE Academy
3901 Shoal Creek Blvd
Austin, Texas 78756

The goal of this Cohort is for teacher candidates to secure a teaching position and earn a full salary with benefits.

For candidates who do not secure a Paid Internship with a school or school district, they will be placed in a 12-week Clinical Teaching position to earn their Standard Certificate.

Application Deadline: For Fall, 2021 Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility Course: mid-August, 2021

Coursework: For all content areas, classes two nights a week from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm with outside projects, study sessions and independent work.

xCourses x x
xPPR x x
xSeptember 13, 2021 (Monday)

xContent Class

and STR


January 10, 2022 (Monday) STR (TDB)
xPPR x x
xJune  2021 TBD (For  those who start in   the   Spring)


(For those who started in the Spring, 2021)

TExES Exams: PPR (Computer based on-line)
Content (Computer based on-line)

* There will be no classes holiday days/weeks.
**Special Education teacher candidates will attend their content class two nights as well as a Special Education class. These class dates and location TBA.

Observation in Public Schools: January, 2021-May, 2021.

Observations are to be set up in partnership with school districts.

During the semesters, teacher candidates will participate in 100 hours of hands-on classroom experience in a school with a certified classroom teacher. This component of our program is designed to give our candidates classroom experience as well as build their teaching portfolio. Thirty hours will be specified required activities.

Practice TExES: Will be given designated class nights.

TExES Exams: Consult TEA website

Internship begins: August, 2021
Interns are hired as full-time teachers and work under the supervision of e2. They earn a first year teacher salary as well as receive full benefits with their employing school/school district.

Clinical Teaching: Fall 2021
For teacher candidates who have not secured an internship. They will be placed in a classroom with a certified teacher and teach for 12 weeks, full-time to earn their Standard Certificate.

Intern / Clinical Teaching Seminars: September, October, November;
February, March, April
Meetings are held from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Attendance is required.

Apply for Standard Certificate: December 2022 or May 2023

Internship: August, 2021-May, 2022


xDue Dates
xApplication Fee
xWith Application
x(non refundable)
xContent Course*
x500 due Dec 31, 2020
x500 due Jan 31, 2021
x500 due Feb 28, 2021
xPedagogy & Professional ResponsibilityxCourse (PPR)
x500 due Aug, 2021
x500 due Sept, 2021

x500 due Oct, 2021
xdue Mar 10, 2021 (or TBD)
xFee for Special Education
xdue Mar 10, 2021 (or TBD)
xdue Mar 10, 2021 (or TBD)
xTeaching Component:
One-Year Paid Internship all programs
xSeptember 2020 Clinical Teaching (Fall)
2021 Clinical Teaching (Spring)





Sept 1, 2021 **(or payment schedule)


xSep 1, 2021*** (or payment schedule)                       

(All fees are subject to change. See Refund Policy below)

We accept money orders and most credit cards.
Payments can be made online
If you will be applying for financial aid, all items must be completed prior to the first day of class.

*Includes labs and materials. Students use their own graphing calculators in the Math Course.

**Payment Options for One-Year Paid Internship:
1) Payment in Full: due September 1, 2022
2) Pay As You Go Plan: Payments will be broken down into 3 or 5 equal installments and can be drafted from your paycheck over a 10-month period.

***Payment Options for Clinical Teaching:
1) Payment in Full: due September 1, 2021 or January 1, 2022
2) Pay As You Go Plan: Payments can be broken down into equal installments over a three or four month period.

Additional fees (also subject to change) paid to other agencies include:
$47.00 – SBEC Fingerprinting
$116.00 – TExES PPR Exam
$116.00 – TExES Content Exam
$52.00 – Probationary Certificate
$77.00 – Standard Teacher Certificate

Refund Policy
Refunds will be made as follows:
Deposits for courses are non-refundable. This deposit reserves your place in the course.
70% Prior to 2nd class meeting for second payment
0% after 2nd class meeting
Request for refunds must be made in writing to e2. Refund requests require approximately 30 days to process.