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My husband and I were students of Educators of Excellence and have been currently teaching for several years. I wanted to share a celebration about my husband, Chris Kesler(leave blank for now). I believe Chris was in Ms. Kirby’s class.

He is certified in Science 4-8 and has been teaching 6th and 7th grade science for the past two years. He had a passion for science and was determined to follow his dream to become a middle school teacher. His major in college was in computer information systems, but had a calling to teach and passed the Science 4-8 exam with flying colors.

Last year he was awarded “Rookie of the Year”. At his school you can be nominated for this award for the first two years in teaching. This year he was awarded the same title again. I’m so proud that he received it two years in a row. At the school board meeting last Monday, he was awarded “Rookie of the Year” for the entire district.

What an honor. I just wanted to share and hope this is an inspiration to students who are in your program to follow their dream. Thanks for all you do.


Jill Kesler

“I feel blessed to be part of such a wonderful program. Thanks for all your help.”

“I was really impressed with what your program has to offer in comparison to the other alternative teaching certification programs here in Austin.”

“The materials given and created will serve as an excellent source in the future. It also enables us students to present a large variety of materials and knowledge when interviewing.”
student survey of PPR Course

“Jason was awesome!”
student survey of Science Content Course

“Lynn has been AMAZING!!! She’s involved, interested in what we’re doing and makes me excited about becoming a teacher!”
–student survey of EC-4 Content Course

“The instructor’s vast experience in the educational field enriched the training that I received in this course. I also loved that we were able to build a small network of support from other teachers from the same content area. This is useful especially if you have never worked as a classroom teacher. ”
student survey, instructor Dr. Carole Crain

“I would like to thank you for your excellent communication through this process and working with me and the district.”

“Great course that both covered content and suggestions for teaching material.”
–student survey of Math Content Course

“Therese was so great and supportive. She worked very hard to help us be prepared.”
–student survey of ESL training

“The Educators of Excellence teaching credential program is a great program for those who are wishing to enter the teaching profession for the first time or for those who are looking for or switching careers and entering the education field. The extensive hours the instructors placed in creating an effective science teaching credential program prepared me for the Science content area test.

Furthermore, the instructors have extensive experience in the education field and are still practicing educators. Thus, you get first hand knowledge of their work experience as they model how they teach the courses one is learning. Overall, I am immensely impressed with the instructors’ profound knowledge about science as well as their professionalism. I have and will continue to recommend this teaching credential program.”

“Educators of Excellence made my life goal of teaching a reality. The personal relationships developed with the staff have made the teaching experience supportive and unique. As educators themselves, the staff understands the entire process necessary to obtain a teaching certificate from start to finish. From my initial interest in teaching, and continuing to this very day, the encouragement, advice, and dedication have been immeasurable. Erika has always been quick to respond to and answer all questions, as well as follow through with the intricacies of paperwork. Educators of Excellence’s insistence on quality has encouraged me to put forth my best efforts for my students and for my own personal growth.”

” I feel that e2 has developed an alternative certification program that fit both my schedule and income to help me achieve success.”
student survey

“Lynn Kirby did an excellent job with the PPR course! I feel that this course has prepared me very well for the challenges I will face in the classroom.”
-student survey

“Educators of Excellence identifies interns’ strengths and addresses content areas that may not have been emphasized in the students’ degree plans. This tailored preparation allows the intern to be successful on the state examination as well as more prepared to handle teaching assignments for the certificate area. Program teachers model instruction and provide hands-on guidance for creating and delivering lesson plans and bring “real world” experiences and situations to the interns. Interviews revealed a high level of student satisfaction with both content area and PPR preparation.”
State Board for Educator Certification site visit on Curriculum

“Educators of Excellence staff are readily available and prepared to answer questions, advise, coach and encourage interns. Supervisors, who consistently meet with interns twice a month, were described by interns as “fantastic” and “very supportive.” Interviews rated the director and staff as “highly knowledgeable” and “very professional.”
State Board for Educator Certification site visit on Program Delivery and Evaluation